At Waypoint sustainability is far more than a buzzword, it’s a code of behaviour and we are in it for the long-term

We are a company of considerable conscience and through our business activities strive to create a better world in which both people and nature cannot only co-exist but thrive.

Tackling climate change, managing environmental risk, investing in social value and demonstrating accountability are all integral to Waypoint’s way of working.

We take a top down approach and recognise we are part of a much wider community of employees, investors and suppliers and this extends to our real estate assets and the communities surrounding them.

Driving decarbonization within areas of operations, meeting environmental regulatory requirements and compliance deadlines, and decreasing resource consumption are central to our strategy. Health, well-being and equality are also key and through professional development and education we are making a positive contribution to people and place.

Learn more about our approach:

Waypoint’s Sustainability Strategy