Waypoint welcomes the introduction of potential property investment opportunities from investment agents and other introducers (“Introducing Agent”). Waypoint reserves the right in its absolute discretion whether to accept any introduction and shall not be liable for any fees or commission unless a written agreement has been entered into between Waypoint and the Introducing Agent, at which point then introduction will be regarded as a “Qualifying Introduction”. The amount of the fee payable to the Introducing Agent will be agreed by negotiation and recorded in the agreement and will in all cases be subject to our standard terms of engagement as displayed on this page.

A Qualifying Introduction must include sufficient information to allow Waypoint to properly evaluate the opportunity. As a minimum, this should include the full address of the property (including postcode), description, price, yield profile and full tenancy information. Waypoint shall decide at its absolute discretion whether sufficient information has been provided. Introductions that we consider do not contain sufficient information may be rejected. Property information supplied by an Introducing Agent must not contain personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018).

Qualifying Introductions will remain active for a reasonable period of time, which will generally be a minimum of three months subject at all times to Waypoint’s reasonable discretion. If during this period Waypoint believes that the opportunity described in the Qualifying Introduction has materially changed and the altered situation is subsequently introduced by a different Introducing Agent, then Waypoint may conclude that the initial Qualifying Introduction  has lapsed and that, accordingly, the new introduction may be evaluated as a Qualifying Introduction.

Waypoint does not operate a ‘first past the post’ system for introductions. Where multiple introductions are received over a short timeframe Waypoint reserves the right to select the Introducing Agent it wishes to work with. If Waypoint, in its absolute discretion, decides an Introducing Agent is unable to provide sufficient deal support and appropriate advice it reserves the right to select a further advisory firm to support the transaction. In such situations their fee will be allocated as part of the Introducing Agent’s fee.

Introductions may be submitted via email to introductions@waypointam.co.uk or to the usual Waypoint contact.

The submission of an introduction will be deemed to be an acceptance by the Introducing Agent that the introduction is subject to the above Terms and Conditions and those displayed on this page.