Winning with Integrity – Sailing to the Olympics

15 March 2023
15 March 2023 waypointam

Winning with Integrity – Sailing to the Olympics

At the beginning of March, Megan Brickwood, who is part of the British Sailing Team duo Meg n’ Steph (Team Integra) along with Steph Orton, held a talk with the Waypoint team about their experiences and challenges in their campaign to take home a gold medal in the upcoming 2024 Olympic games in Marseilles.

The duo has a strong belief in winning with integrity, relying on their skills of strength and mental resilience to win in such a competitive and elite sport.
They sail on a 49erFX, known as the Formula 1 boat of sailing- a highly esteemed vessel which needs no alterations, just the ability and synergy of its sailors.

A winner of the Women’s World Championships in Argentina at the age of 15, Megan is no stranger to fierce competition and rigorous training regimes. Often being out on the water for hours at a time, in sessions that would last weeks with very few days of rest in between. Megan explains this as their way of helping the pair to become more accustomed with the long hours on the water during competitions.

“Part of the journey was growing up and exploring all aspects of sailing”, Megan touches on the psychological strength and firm resolve that is required for competitive sailors; identifying herself as the more assertive and quicker to make decisions, whilst Steph will allow herself more time to think, assessing the blend of their natural abilities as the perfect recipe for success!

Waypoint is proud to support Meg n’ Steph in their efforts, among other companies, including Hampshire-based Marine Results and Osmotech, both leading yacht and rig servicing, refurbishment companies with many years of experience in the marine industry.

We wish Meg n’ Steph the absolute best of luck on their journey towards achieving their dream!