26 October 2020 waypointam

Waypoint begins deployment of £300 million into Healthcare Real Estate

Waypoint Asset Management has kick-started a £300 million investment programme within the healthcare property sector, with the acquisition of 27 properties around the country, including a single portfolio of 23 Primary Care buildings totaling £20 million.

Waypoint Health Property launched its first healthcare real estate fund over the summer and with a second fund now coming under management is looking to deploy the capital into the sector over the next 12-months.

Andrew Darke, director of Waypoint Health Property, said: “While the pandemic has brought healthcare provision into sharp focus, there has been a growing investor appetite within the sector for some time and, as a specialist in primary care, our objective is the acquisition and management of healthcare real estate on behalf of Waypoint’s established institutional clients.

“The investment properties that we have already acquired range from GP surgeries to mental health and renal dialysis centres. With two funds under management, we are now actively sourcing further primary and community-based healthcare assets, including portfolios and individual properties of between £1m and £20m throughout the UK.”

Waypoint Health Property has recently exchanged contracts on the acquisition of a primary care centre in Newcastle upon Tyne that includes two GP surgeries, a dental practice and a pharmacy, and a mental health facility in Norwich.