Asset & Property Management

We are asset managers across a variety of mainstream and alternative sectors. We have extensive experience of managing shopping centres and other commercial properties including office blocks, mixed-use properties and logistics warehouses in the UK and mainland Europe. We are experts in property management through our main offices in London, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Please contact Chris Moulden or Stuart Scobie

Corporate Structuring

We are experts in setting up and managing publicly listed and unlisted structures in jurisdictions including; UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Jersey, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Mauritius, France and South Africa. Please contact Kirstyn Rutter or Jonathan Agar

Deal Origination & Investment advisory and broking services

We provide stock selection advice and acquisition due diligence in UK, mainland Europe and Central Eastern Europe. We provide investment advisory and broking services, with specialist networks across Central Eastern Europe, Germany, Ireland and UK. Please contact Nick Gregory or Mike Riley

Capital Raising & Sourcing, Structuring and Securing Loan Facilities

We assist with capital raising in the UK and internationally. We source multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction facilities from international and national banks on competitive terms. Please contact Mike Riley

Support on Distressed Loans and services

With our highly experienced team we are able to provide support to loan servicers and Banks in the UK and mainland Europe on restructurings/asset and property management and corporate services. Please contact Jonathan Agar or Stuart Scobie

Executive Management & Accounting & Financial Reporting

We can provide directors and company secretarial services in the UK and mainland Europe and our finance team is available to report to “local” GAAP and IFRS. Please contact Patrick Smith


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